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How I Became A DJ: Part I

This time 10 years ago, I was first exposed to DJ’ing. Senior year at Ramapo College had just begun and my fraternity (TKE) was always looking for a way to take our “social gatherings” to the next level. A friend of mine (@deejayreese – who is still a good friend and a very successful DJ to this day) and I were talking, and she mentioned that she had old DJ equipment not being put to use. I asked to borrow it, and she agreed.

Despite having no musical background or family members who were musicians, I had always been drawn to music. Over the years I was usually the person in control of the music at parties, so here I was, at it again. I played around on the gear nonstop (an all-in-one b52 CD system for my fellow DJ’s out there). I genuinely thought I was pretty damn good, even though I had ABSOLUTELY no idea what I was doing. Pretty sure my first party was some event in @vinniegagliano ‘s basement. I pretended to know what I was doing – people had a blast – I felt on top of the world. DJ M-NOPS was born.

DJ who?? Yeah, exactly.. it was my nickname in college, so I just went with it. My phone rings (or maybe my MySpace messages) and it was @demetriusbugg wanting to know if I’d like to rock a college night at WILD BULL alongside DJ Steve Cox (someone tag him for me!). The catch: Steve rocks on turntables, so I’ll have to learn. Steve and Dbugg trekked to my dorm room, gear & all, so we could practice. I was in awe at the things he was doing. Everything seemed to be moving too fast for me to even digest. But after that night I already knew – I’m hopping on eBay and buying turntables IMMEDIATELY.

I leveraged my popularity on campus and immediately started booking parties and events before I even purchased the equipment. As my first real event drew closer, I hopped on eBay and bought all my gear (via credit card – my mom wasn’t happy). I assured her that I had it covered and c’mon, do you see those bright blue, cloud-like turntables?! Talk about MUST-BUY.

This part is much less entertaining:
I practiced. I practiced. I practiced. I skipped class to practice.

PT II coming soon.

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