NEW! – Live Set Fall 2019

Cocktail Hour Vibes (Classics/Light)

Live from 42nd St (Classics)

Go For A Ride (Top40)

Lights (Top40)

Psycho (Top40)

Live from Tonehouse (High Energy Workout)

Fit for Fall (High Energy Workout)

Suite Summer 2017 (Good Vibes)

Rise & Shine (High Energy Workout)

SOHO FLOW Pt II (Open-Format)

SOHO FLOW Pt I (Uptempo)

Biggie Tribute Mix

Time to Fly (Hip-Hop)

Caught by the Trap (Hip-Hop/Trap)

Aaliyah Tribute

Everyday Attitude (Hip-Hop)

Rise & Grind (High Energy Workout)

Tropical Voyage (Open-Format)

Suite Summer 2013 (Good Vibes)

Commercial Recap 2012 (Open-Format)