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Scratch Academy NYC – RECAP

One of the best decisions I’ve ever made was to attend Scratch DJ Academy in 2012. It was time to go back to the basics and surround myself with some of the most talented deejays in New York City. A year later, I’ve taken my skills to an entirely new level and can add “Certified Scratch Academy DJ” to my resume. Huge shout-out to the whole Scratch NYC crew. Make sure to check them out!

Check out what Scratch Academy’s Director, DJ Noumenon, & Master Instructor, Tim Martell had to say about DJ Monopoli:

“DJs always talk about how they are the “next big thing” or “the next hottest up and coming dj” and once you see them, they are mediocre at best. They lack most of the essentials that makes a great DJ. Slamming records and screaming on the mic DOES NOT make you a DJ…it makes you a human jukebox. DJ Monopoli puts all that to rest. Monopoli is “the next up and coming dj” that will not only rock any crowd that you put him in front of, but will prove what real DJ skills are.

Monopoli enrolled into Scratch DJ Academy’s Certification program back in 2012 where he scored extremely high on all his performance evaluations. As a matter of fact, Monopoli had one of the highest evaluations out of any other Certification Student at Scratch. His mixes are clean, cuts are crisp, and his focus behind the decks are without a doubt impressive.”

-DJ Noumenon, Scratch Academy Director

“Hands down in my 9 years of working at Scratch DJ Academy, DJ Monopoli was the best student i have ever had….A bright future awaits this DJ.   Extremely talented and one cool ass mofo!”

-DJ Tim Martell, Master Instructor 


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