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The VLOG vs The BLOG

Over the last 5 weeks, I have gathered footage of all my travels/events in an attempt to provide you all with an inside look on what it’s REALLY like to be a full-time DJ. 8 episodes into my VLOG’ing adventures and I feel like its a good time to write a BLOG about it lol.

I have been DJ’ing for about 8 years now (full-time for 2 years), but I can’t lie, I still find myself getting a bit frustrated when I get the “What do you do?” question. It’s not the question that frustrates me. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. I usually smile, because every time I say “I DJ full-time” its a reminder of how far I’ve come. To put things into perspective, how many of you can say that you personally know someone who DJ’s? Now, how many of those individuals are able to DJ as their SOLE source of income? I’ll wait.

And yet, my answer to their question is almost always followed with some smirk, chuckle, or subtle eye-roll. THAT’S what gets to me. There are rarely any follow-up questions. It’s as if they have instantly written me off. As the years fly by and I continue to grind on my goals, I’m less and less bothered by it, but these interactions got me thinking. Most people just have NO FUCKING IDEA what being a full-time DJ means, and I can’t blame them. They either think of the Calvin Harris’s of the DJ world, or the little bedroom DJ just messing around in his/her free time. In other words, they immediately think of the two extremes of the spectrum, “unattainable” (Calvin Harris, etc) or “oh, that’s cute” (bedroom DJ). So instead of trying to constantly create entertaining, engaging content, why not just document my journey? Show you EVERYTHING. Not just the dope IG picture/video that comes at the climax of last night’s event, but the unglamorous bullshit before and after said event.

Best case scenario? One day, when I’ve reached the “pinnacle” of what I’m trying to achieve, I’ll be able to look back and re-live the long road it took to get there. The successes, the failures, and everything in between. Worst case scenario? One day, if/when I decide to move on to the next chapter, I’ll be able to look back and re-live the time in my life when I relentlessly chased my dreams every single day, traveled the world, and met the most incredible people, all while not giving a damn about what anyone had to say about it.

Which one will it be? Guess you’ll have to follow along to find out.